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What trend of interior design becomes King this 2016?

Post at: 12:05:45 11/05/2016

Athough the trend of interior design is usually moving slower than fashionable clothes. However, the changes in this area are frequencely received the great concerns from people. In 2016, the combination between warm - cold color at different levels is the trend this year.   Lively pink color       When you color the room of your kid, pink is always the first choice.     Besides, this color is also used in classical living room or kitchen to emphasize the warm and lively of your house.   Noble copper color       If you want to show your tough, noble style, copper is what ... Xem tiếp


Decorating mistakes to avoid in your home

Post at: 09:05:22 11/05/2016

Some people have habits concerning usage, protection, clean facilities which makes house can be better or worse. Just a little consideration changing some bad habits, you can make up a place in the vibrant and beautiful without the energy, time and money. Using tissue to cover The tissue is very useful when used to keep the furniture clean, especially with the dusty streets from vehicles. But the majority of tissue is colorful and unsuitable pattern with the layout of the room. Some cloths covered with plastic white or bright colors look very bad and spoil the inherent beauty of the furniture or expensive electronic items. If they need to cover furniture, choose fabric or garment ... Xem tiếp


Make your house special with mirrors

Post at: 13:05:12 10/05/2016

For a long time ago, mirror is not only for people to look in but also to decorate houses, this simple way make your home look more spacious, lighter, cooler and special like art space range from living room, bed room or bath room... Make unique art paintings Beside making your hour look larger, a collection of mirrors can combine with any colors of your room's wall. Mirror without frame or with super thin frame associate with modern interior design, otherwise, mirror with art frame is appropriate with classic and luxurious atmosphere. Reluctant mirrors Decorate house with mirror under stairs Distinctive wall with diverse mirror shapes Bathroom with ... Xem tiếp

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